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thumb_Falcon Ad
Make: Ford
Name: Falcon Sprint
Year: 1964

We have the pleasure to offer for sale this genuine 1964 Ford Falcon Sprint in FIA race specification.

The current owner has enjoyed this Falcon during the last 3 race seasons in both the Dutch NKHTGT race series as well as occasionally in the Masters pre-66 Touring car championship.

The car is in excellent cosmetic condition looking splendid in its Guardsman blue metallic and white livery. It has been fastidiously prepared by renown Dutch preparer Milestone Motorsport with no expense spared. The car - which also comes with a French road registration - has just a few hours running on a fully rebuild engine and benefits from the following specification :

- 289 ci Ford engine with forged Eagle crankshaft, Diamond pistons, Scat conrods and BeeHive valve springs, fed by a Holley 650cfm double pumper delivering 408bhp and 490 Nm torque.
- Canton roadrace oil sump and fresh Centerforce clutch
- 1 unsilenced and 1 silenced exhaust system
- new Roltek close-ratio syncro T-10 and custom shifter.
- custom steel drive shaft
- 8" truetrac 3,80:1 differential with Strange "hi-tuff" 28-splined hubs
- 11" rear brakes
- Koni's shocks allround
- ATL fuelcell (current)
- strengthened suspension and new quick-steer steering box
- correct copper radiator
- 8x 5,5" American Racing alu wheels
- fibreglass body panels (as authorized by FIA)
This car is sold in 100% race ready condition and comes with a new, 2018 FIA HTP and a spare set of wheels. A 2nd race engine is also available as an option.
This genuine Ford Falcon Sprint is eligible for all pre-66 Touring car races and could also be used for historic rallies around the world.
Make: Lola
Name: T296
Year: 1977

We are delighted to offer for sale the 1977 “Ultramar” works car with excellent history and few owners from new. 

Lola T296 chassis HU87 was fitted with a 2-litre BDX engine (the 1st experimental version of the becoming BDG engine) and was the official 1977 factory car run under the Ultramar-Rizla Team Lola banner. It was driven by Chris Craft, Ray Mallock and Guy Edwards in the 1977 World Championship for Makes.

This works T296 still carries its original tub and original gearbox!

Only 4 owners from new: at the end of the 1977 season, HU87 was sold by the Lola factory to its European Lola agent Heini Mader after which it spent the next 20 years in the Rosso Bianco Museum in Germany. It was bought from the museum by US dealer Steve Tillack who sold the car to its current, UK owner in 2008.

HU87 then received a full rebuild including a new, Connaught Competition Engines Ltd. 2.0 litre Cosworth BDG engine and – when finished – competed very successfully in Peter Auto’s CER race championship as well as participating in the 2010 and 2012 Le Mans Classic where it won the Team event.

The car was subsequently retired from racing and – as such – it needs a refresh (fuel cell, engine, go-through, belts & fire system) estimated at a conservative GBP 25k to put it back in race ready condition.

HU87 already benefits from a new, 2019 FIA HTP and comes with good spares as follows: 1 nose, 1 tail (big & old) , 2 sets of spare wheels and gear-ratio’s

This is a rare opportunity to acquire a works Lola T296 with impeccable history and with its original tub and gearbox. After its refresh, this stunning, “Ultramar” T296 will be a welcome and competitive entry for the CER2 championship, HSR and/or SVRA races and – last but not least – Le Mans Classic 2020.

Make: Cooper
Name: T39 Bobtail
Year: 1955

Postwar England struggled with crippling shortages but privation often leads to adaptation, innovation and revolution. John and Charles Cooper followed that path to success, building up Cooper Cars into one of the most accomplished and revered motorsport enterprises. In the process, utilizing Owen Maddock’s innovative 1954 chassis design, Cooper Cars forged a new revolution in sportscar racing with the Cooper T39 “Bobtail” of 1955-1956.

The initial T39 was powered by a Coventry Climax FeatherWeightAutomotive (FWA) 1100cc four cylinder engine nestled within a tubular chassis. The lack of purpose-built racing parts forced Cooper to adapt components from various sources, but innovation is clearly shown in the driver’s center seating and in the aluminium alloy body’s truncated rear, fashioned by Maddock to optimize aerodynamics. Hence the nickname of “Manx Tail’ or “Bobtail”. Total production is unknown but fewer than 15 are thought to exist today.

When born, this rare 1955 Cooper T39 “Bobtail” was equipped with a 1098ccm Climax FWA Engine number FWA-4 which indicates that this was the very 1st engine delivered by Coventry Climax to John Cooper (the first 2 engines went to Kieft and the 3rd engine went to Lotus) and – as such – indicates that this car was a work’s car (unfortunately there is no remaining Cooper chassis number registration prior to 1957).

There is no firm evidence for the car’s early (1st five years) race history but - given its very early engine nr - there is indication to believe that this was the Cooper T39 driven by Ivor Bueb during the 1955 season, its 1st race being the Easter Monday International Race at Goodwood where Bueb finished an impressive 3rd. At the following race, the International Meeting at Silverstone on 7-5-1955, Ivor Bueb won both the 1100cc and 1500cc class (finishing in front of all 2 litre cars)!

A Cooper T39 “Bobtail” was then entered by the Cooper works for the 1956 Le Mans 24hr race. This Le Mans car received certain modifications to the chassis. Later in 1956 Roy Salvadori, driving a Cooper T39, wins a race in Oporto, Portugal. This may well be a coincidence, but it is interesting to note that the first formal history document of chassis CS-II-1-55  is a Portuguese “Libretto” (Road registration) dated August 8th, 1960 in which the engine is listed as “FWA-4” and the car is listed as “Cooper experimental 1956”. The car’s original chassis (which is separate but comes with the car) clearly shows various in-period modifications (Le Mans 1956?). Interesting to note is that – in addition to the “libretto” - the car also carries a chassis plate issued by the Portuguese Historic Automobile Club.

In 1960 this Bobtail is registered in Portugal by Joao Azevedo and has remained in the hands of the Azevedo family for a very long time : until 1997. In the 60’s the car has been entered regularly in races in Spain and Portugal and, apparently, it has also been raced in Angola for some time. Unfortunately the quality of the period drivers and the limited size of the engine have prevented it to achieve very notable results.

A broken rear suspension and some chassis damage (possibly resulting from an accident in the mid 70’s) relegated it to a place in the back of the Azevedo garage.

In 1998, the car was discovered and bought by John Harper (UK) who commissioned a full rebuild by renown Croswaithe & Gardiner during 2000 and 2001. The rebuild included the replacement of the chassis (the original chassis is with the car), the engine was replaced with a 1495cc Climax FWB engine (from Sid Hool) and the brakes were also uprated to FWB spec .

After its rebuild in 2001, this stunning T39 “Bobtail” was bought by the current owner and has been a welcomed participant on the European historic racing scene including various LeMans Classic event, Goodwood Revival, etc. where it has always been a class podium finisher beating the larger capacity cars due to its light weight (400kg) and wonderful handling. (As an interesting anecdote : nearly 50 years after Savadori’s 1956 Oporto race win, the car won the 50ies sports car race at the 2005 Oporto Historic Grand Prix.)

This rare and genuine Cooper T39 “Bobtail” is completely race-ready with a refreshed engine which has only 10 hours on it. It also comes with a current 2016 FIA HTP (valid till 31/12/2026) and is located in Antwerp, Belgium where an inspection is welcomed subject to appointment.

Make: Porsche
Name: 911 Carrera 2.7 RS (Touring)
Year: 1973

We have the pleasure to offer for sale this concours winning 1973 Porsche 2.7 Carrera RS Touring with chassis nr 911 360 0671 for sale.

Highlights :

- M472 early chassis number with thin gauge steel

- Italian delivery car in perfect restored condition with matching engine and gearbox

- with in-period race history (Giro d’Italia, etc.)

- one of only 71 cars delivered in Viper Green

- with original toolkit, compressor, original seats & interior carpets (separate)

This car was delivered in February 1973 with engine nr 6630680 and gearbox nr 7830667 to its first Italian owner Emilio Encole of Milan. With two subsequent Milanese owners, #0671 was then purchased by Como based Flavio Vigano who used the car from 1977 to 1979 in various Italian races and hill climbs with excellent results.  

Over the next 15 years, the car passed through several other Italian owners (all of which are known and documented) until it was bought in 2002 by Marcello Medici who ordered a full restoration of the car by the best Italian craftsmen and specialists (Cremonini for the  bodywork and paint, Biasseti for the mechanicals and Ferraresi for the interior).  When finished and during his 10 year subsequent ownership, Mr Medici coveted his 2.7 RS and occasionally showed it in Porsche Italy concours events.  

In 2013, we brokered the sale of #0671 to its prior owner who used the car sparingly while in his Austrian vacation residence. Earlier this year, we took the car in part-exchange and hereby offer it for sale.

This Porsche 911 Carrera 2.7 RS Touring is one of only 71 cars delivered in striking Viper Green. As it is an early chassis-number, it has thin gauge steel thereby shaving 38 kg of the car’s weight. The VIN-plate and chassis numbers are all present and authentic with matching engine and gearbox. It comes with its original Sports seats (separate), carpets (separate), toolkit and compressor. Italian and Austrian road registration documents.

This is clearly an exceptional 2.7 RS which is priced-to-sell in today’s market and ready to be cherished by its next, lucky custodian!

Make: Jaguar
Name: E-type FIA competition Roadster
Year: 1961

We are delighted to offer for sale this exceptional 1961 Pre-Production Jaguar E-type Competition Roadster with its original registration YRP999.

This is one of the first 20 Jaguar E-types produced and was a competition car from the start. YRP999’s ownership history is all documented (see the history images with more detail below) and correct as is its 1970ies race history.  

This well known FIA semi-lighweight E-type racer has always been maintained with no expense spared and is sold in race-ready condition with fresh paint. The installed engine is a wide-angle steel block engine running on Weber carburettors with low hours. The car has been fully gone through and is ready for the 2019 race season. It is running with a replacement aluminium bonnet but the original and unique looking bonnet comes separate with the car as does the original hardtop. Other spares are 2 sets of wheels and running spares. Last but not least, there is also a Crosswaith & Gardiner wide-angle alu block race engine available at additional cost.

YRP999 comes with current FIA HTP papers valid until 31/12/2025.  

This is a rare opportunity to acquire a genuine, “as early as you can get” Jaguar E-type FIA Semi-lightweight competition Roadster with excellence provenance and a multiple Goodwood TT participant!  


thumb_Cooper T20_ad (2)
Make: Cooper
Name: Bristol T20/T25 Mk1
Year: 1952

We are delighted to offer this rare 1952 ex-John Barber, ex-Sir Clive Edwards Cooper Bristol T20 Sports Car for sale on behalf of its long-term owner.

John Barber was racing an F3 Cooper-JAP 500 at the start of 1952 before buying T20 CB/7/52 in F2 spec and racing it for the first at the beginning of August at Boreham. He then brought it north to Scotland, to Turnberry in South Ayrshire, for the 1st Scottish National Trophy. The race attracted a fairly good entry among which Hawthorn, Moss, Villoressi, Gaze and a few others. Barber took part in the Libre race which allowed in the F1 cars, but retired, but finished 2nd in the F2 "Grand Prix", so called because F2 was the GP class for the world championship. These races were the closest thing Scotland has ever had to a Scottish GP. Barber then finished 8th at Goodwood before bringing the car back up to Scotland and racing it at Charterhall at the end of the season, where he crashed it pretty heavily.

Barber rebuilt the car over the winter as the Golding-Cooper with Disco Volante bodywork and road registration “NXH586” (which is still with the car today!), radiator slung under the nose, and left-hand drive. It was based on a concept that Cooper had been considering for a Mille Miglia effort, but which never happened. Barber finished 4th with the "flying saucer" at Snetterton in May '53. He then took the car to the Douglas circuit in the Isle of Man for the British Empire Trophy after which he did another race at Snetterton finishing 3rd, but the car failed to start it's last race as a "Disco Volante" at Silverstone.

At the end of 1953, the car then passed through the hands of "MacKenzie-Lowe" who sent the car back to the Cooper works who sent it to Peel Coachworks. They took off the loose hanging and flimsy Disco Volante bodywork and replaced it with the DB3S style body it wears today !

CB/7/52 was then sold to Sir Clive Edwards who used it extensively in hillclimbs and sprints from 1955 to 1960. Sir Edwards sold the car to Alistair McClelland, a garage owner who club raced and sprinted the car for a couple of seasons until he sold it in 1963 to former RAC/MSA CEO John Quenby, then still only 21. Quenby raced the car for a year and a half and then sold it to a unknown stockbroker from Dulwich when Quenby went to Australia to work for a while. The car then went to a succession of owners, some of which raced CB/7/52 in VSCC Historic races until it was bought again by John Quenby in 1997 who started a complete restoration of the car including its 2-litre 6 cylinder Bristol Type 100B engine. This took several years and – when completed - Quenby sold his favourit Cooper T20 Sports Car in 2006 to its current owner, a well known Dutch collector and historic racer who has campaigned CB/7/52 successfully on the historic racing scene including multiple appearances at the Goodwood Revival.

The car – still with its 1953 Road Registration NXH586 – is sold in race-ready condition, comes with an extensive history file and a 2016 FIA HTP (valid until 2026). As one of only nine Cooper Sports cars built and the only one with a gorgeous “DB3S-like” body, CB/7/52 is a welcome and competitive entry in all the prestigious 50ies sports car races such as Woodcote Trophy, Goodwood Revival, etc.. while it is also eligible for the Mille Miglia !